aktiv charcoal filter actiTube 40 pcs.

Product no.: T-T-40

More smoking pleasure with Active Charcoal When smoking with active charcoal a high percentage of tar is filtered out. The tar is stored ,and when you change the filter disposed. Smoking with active charcoal is pleasant and mild without any prevention of the required effect.
Further advantages of actiTube active charcoal filter systems:

- the taste is improved
– milder on the lungs
– the pipe stays clean longer
– even rough mixes taste mild
– smoking pure is lighter

Furthermore, there is one more advantage with the actiTube active charcoal filter. Contrary to what is believed active charcoal filters in joints stops nothing but the tar from reaching your mouth!

Content: 40 pcs.


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aktiv charcoal filter actiTube 40 pcs.