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Grow & Headshop kif-kif

since 1997



The Grow & Heashop kif-kif opended 24.05.1997 in the Rudolf-Breitscheid-Strasse 43, in Leipzig, near the central station. (click here for a map)
At that times kif-kif didn´t had that amazing choice of bongs, pipes, papers and growing equipment like today. But it was a small, fine head- and growshop with all kind of stuff related to cannabis, hemp, weed and other nice things.


After 2 years, when the shop and the store seemed to burst at the seams, we had to look for a new home. Luckily we found a nice place in the same street, which was meanwhile renamed in Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse. Now we had enough space to show our costumers what the huge market is offering.Pilze im Laden

Slowly with the help of a lot of friends kif-kif grew to a small artwork like you can see on the pictures .

Today we offer more than 2000 procucts (still not all online) in our shop:

  • bongs in all sizes an materials like ROOR, EHLE, Magic Glass
  • pipes like the protopipe, titan pipe, and many more
  • big choice of cigarette papers, rolling machines and filter tips
  • blunts from Blunt Wrap, Royal Blunts, Cyclones and others
  • flags and posters
  • vaporizer
  • growing equipment
  • filters
  • ventilators
  • fertiliser