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Conditions of Use


General terms and conditions

And just in case, here's our fine print:

1. General:

All orders are by contract with:
    Marek. Ebeling & Markus Mayer GbR
    Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 39
    04105 Leipzig

All services and deliveries are subject to these terms and conditions. All subsidiary agreements and changes to the contract are legally ineffective unless confirmed in writing by the company Ebeling & Mayer GbR (referred to hereafter as "kif-kif").

2. Conclusion of the contract:

Your order is accepted once the goods have been sent. These terms and conditions become effective no later than when the goods are received.

3. Conditional sale:

Delivered goods remains the property of kif-kif until paid for in full. The offers in the most recent issue of our catalogue are effective. Once a new issue or supplement of the catalogue is released, previous offers are no longer applicable.

Prices are therefore subject to change. Kif-kif will not be held accountable for errors in the article descriptions or prices.

4. Right of withdrawal:

The buyer has the right to cancel his or her order within 14 days, either in writing or by returning the ordered merchandise. This time limit begins with the delivery of the merchandise. Any returned goods must be sent within the following 14 days. The right of withdrawal does not apply to edible goods or specially requested orders. Just as pipes may not be "test-smoked" in a store, we cannot accept the return of used pipes.

5. Guarantee:

In accordance with the newest laws, kif-kif recognizes an extended guarantee of 2 years, effective immediately. Received goods should be reviewed and any missing or defective items reported to kif-kif within the 14 day limit. Kif-kif reserves the right of rectification of defects.

The improper use, storage or handling of apparatuses including that of a third party is not covered by the guarantee.

When returning items please package them as well as the way you received them, preferably using the same packaging that they arrived in. Please include a note or a copy of the bill and inform us as to whether you would like to exchange the article or to receive a refund of your payment on your account. (Please do not forget to include your account information and your telephone number in case we need to contact you!) Returns should be paid for by the sender to avoid unnecessary expense for the sender and kif-kif.

Please send returns to the following address:

    Ebeling and Mayer GbR
    Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 39
    04105 Leipzig

6. Shipping rates:

Shipping to Germany (domestic)

The following shipping rates apply to shipments within Germany and vary according to the value of the order:

Minimum order value: 10,- Euro per shipment:
orders from 10,- to 15,- Euro 5,- Euro
orders from 15,- to 25,- Euro 4,- Euro
orders from 25,- to 50,- Euro 3,50 Euro
orders from 50,- to 80,- Euro 2,- Euro



Free shipping for orders of � 80 and higher!

(A few of our very heavy or bulky articles cannot be sent under the above conditions. These articles are marked as such in the article descriptions.)

Payment (Germany):
Cash on delivery (COD) payments will include a COD fee of € 6.
When paying in advance, only the shipping fees will be charged. Transfer your payments to:

    Ebeling & Mayer GbR
    Deutsche Bank 24
    BLZ: 860 700 24
    Account no: 1241041

International shipping rates:

The following shipping rates apply to shipments outside of Germany and vary according to weight of the order. We therefore ask that you check the applicable shipping costs when placing your order.
You can place as many orders you want, we only ship them when we receive your payment. (Please mention the order-no. on your payment)

Minimum order value: € 15.00

(A few of our very heavy or bulky articles cannot be sent under the above conditions. These articles are marked as such in the article descriptions.)

Payment (international):
Advance payment only is possible for international shipments.
Transfer your payments with the order number and name to:

    Ebeling & Mayer GbR
    Deutsche Bank Leipzig
    IBAN: DE38860700240124104100


7. Packaging:

In accordance with the rules of the packaging regulation are we obliged to take back the packaging of our products, which do not have the sign of a system of universal waste (such as the "Grüne Punkt" of the Duales System Deutschland AG), for their disposal or reuse.

For further information about the return of packaging please contact us at:

Ebeling & Mayer GbR
04105 Leipzig

Tel: (0341) 9807631
Fax: (0341) 9807632
E-mail: shop@kif-kif.de

We will inform you about a local collection center or a waste management company in your area, which will accept the packaging exempt from charges.
Should this not be possible, you still have the option to send us back the packaging to the following adress:

Ebeling & Mayer GbR
04105 Leipzig

The packaging will be reused by us or disposed, in the accordance to the packaging regulation.

8. Applicable law:

German law applies to the exclusion of the UN Sales law.

9. Place of fulfillment, jurisdiction and legal system:

For contracts with merchants, Leipzig is to be the place of fulfillment for delivery and payment as well as jurisdiction, provided that we also have the right to take legal action against the buyer in the place of his or her residence.

Stay high,

your kif-kif team


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